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Alexander Robotnick is not only well know as a musician, DJ and music producer. He is also a video-maker. His channel at displays a large amount of videos he shot and edited by himself. His first video-clips : -Can I have an ashtray?- dates 2005 and reached a large popularity among Youtube users. Other very popular videos by Robotnick are: "Return to Kamchatka" - "Why All This Time?" - "You Need Self Control" - "Obsession For The Disco Freaks" - "The Analog Session - N5 from outher space" - "The Analog Session - Funfare" - "Italcimenti - Somewhat You Need" - "Florence Is Sad" - "Winter Is Coming" - "It's All Good" - "E=MC2" and many more.
Here are 4 playlists from my youtube channel:
1 - Alexander Robotnick's video-clips (19 videos)
2 - Classic edits by A.Robotnick (8 videos)
3 - Clips made by fans (20 videos)
4- The Analog Session (8 videos)


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