Vintage Analogue Ringtones 

Here is a collection of ringtones in both I-phone and mp3 format you can download and use for free.
They are vintage analogue ringtones by Alexander Robotnick.
I made this collection because I really feel sorry for all those IPhones , the majority of which is ringing the same melody. 
Summer is coming , you 'll probably be standing outdoor in the middle of a crowd with many IPhones ringing in the air. It's much better to have a truely unique sound you can easily recognise.
Although my ringtones may sound a little bit weird I'm sure you'll find one that matches your inner weird personality. 
They are basically divided into the following genres: 
1) Panicly 2) Nervous 3) Clean 4) Cheesy 5) Mistery 6) Love 7) Just weird 
Don't forget that with most mobile phones you can assign a different tone to single individual or group of people. In this case you may need all the genres covered  by my ringtones .
I-Phone users can get info about the procedure below.
For all the others, just transfer the mp3s to your mobile and use them as ringtones.
In case you want to send them out on the Web, please keep the credits on. 
With love 
Alexander Robotnick

On this player you can listen only to some of my ringtones. The full collection (75 items) is available in both the compressed folders you can see below.
Warning: Only 500 downloads are allowed for each folder. In case you get an error message please wait a few days and try


mp3s zip folder  Iphone zip folder  


1. Once you have downloaded the ringtones unzip the folder, then in order to upload the ringtones to your iPhone; first open iTunes. Then drag 'n' drop the ringtones into the Library > Ringtones area. This should be visible in the upper left part of the main window: 


2. Next, connect your iPhone to your computer in the usual manner with the cable provided. Depending on your settings, sync will either happen automatically, or when you hit the big "sync" button in the lower right corner of the main iTunes window. 


3. Make sure in your settings for ringtones, "sync ringtones" is checked.


4. If sync is not automatic, hit the sync button on the lower right corner of the iTunes window. Ringtones should upload to iPhone! 


5. When sync is complete and it is ok to disconnect the iPhone, disconnect.


1. One you have disconnected the iPhone (make sure it is "ok to disconnect"), head for the main iPhone window in the usual manner - and then click on the "Settings" icon. 


2. Then tap "Sounds". Then "Ringtone" - and you will be able to select and audition your new ringtones! Cool! 

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